February 2016

  • Briefing paper on disasters and accountability
  • Presentation to UNISDR support group
  • Chairing a UN working group
  • EC reviewers liked the taste of our ESPREssO


December 2015
Coast at risk – the importance of risk knowledge
Making built environments responsive
Construction role to Increase Societal Resilience to Disasters
International Workshop on Ensuring Accountability in Disaster Risk Management
Workshop on Disaster Risk Management and Reconstruction
GDRC visit to University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
November 2015
GDRC wins a €1million grant
Multi-disciplinary workshop for resilient coastal communities
GDRC in Indonesia – key notes and round tables
October 2015
Call for papers: Building Resilience Conference
Leading Disaster Risk Reduction
September 2015
Symposium in Disaster Resilience and Built Environment Education
Latest issue of Disaster Resilience Journal published
Call for Papers: ensuring accountability in disaster management
Tsunami Risk Assessment and Mitigation for the Indian Ocean
Role of Higher Education for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030
Partnering with Building Resilience Conference
Disaster risk mitigation for infrastructure - Global perspective
August 2015
Science and technology cooperation between South Asia and the EU
July 2015
Briefing Paper on Taking stock of the Tsunami recovery process
June 2015
Professor Suzanne Wilkinson from New Zealand visiting GDRC
Symposium on Enhancing Resilience of Critical Road Structures
Global Alliance of Disaster Research Institutes (GADRI)
Workshop on development of disaster resilient coastal communities
Latest issue of the Journal of Disaster Resilience published
Training Workshop on Coastal Hazard Assessment in Risk Management
Position paper on societal challenges : South Asia
Special Issue on Managing Disaster Recovery Projects
CASCADE Briefing Paper March 2015
Ecosystem Resilience in a Changing Climate
Partnering with Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre
May 2015
Global Disaster Resilience Centre Lecture - Inspired Huddersfield
GDRC partnering with World Centre of Excellence
Information Session on SCOPUS and Thomson Reuters ISI
Launch of the ANDROID Disaster Resilience Road Map for 2030
GAR 2015 Contributing and Background papers
April 2015
The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030
Science is used for Disaster Risk Reduction
Global Summit of Research Institutes for Disaster Risk Reduction
Uni profs at UN Disaster Risk Reduction world conference in Japan
Inter-disciplinary research in global disaster resilience
Resilience Management with Intelligent Systems
Disasters and Human Security Forum
Applying Science and Technology to Disaster Risk Reduction
Roadmap for European Disaster Resilience Network for Education

March 2015
The role of Higher Education in Disaster Risk Knowledge
Latest Issue of ANDROID EXCHANGE Published
GDRC and the Local Governments Roundtable
Reducing Disaster Risk in Urban Settings
ANDROID contributes to the Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
GDRC secure British Council workshop grant
Road to Sendai from Huddersfield
Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR 2015)
February 2015
Special themed issue of the IJDRBE
GDRC journal article published in special themed IJDRBE
January 2015
GDRC become partner of UN-HABITAT HABITAT UNIVERSITIES initiative
Full proceedings of International Conference