Month: February 2021

The Role of Science and Technology in Addressing Systemic Risks: ADRiMP newsletter 2021

The era of hazard-by-hazard risk reduction is over. In our increasingly complex interconnected world, risk has become systemic, challenging single-hazard approaches, and governance mechanisms of established disaster risk management institutions. We need to reflect on the systemic nature of risk in how we deal with it. Systemic understanding of risk goes far beyond previous notions and concerns.

From adversity to serendipity: In search of resilience

It was encouraging to see the National Science Foundation (NSF) has taken a timely move of organising a research conference on COVID-19. It was all about the impact, mitigation, opportunities and building resilience with a fitting theme ‘from adversity to serendipity’. The Postgraduate Institute of Management was so glad to be a strategic partner for this noteworthy endeavour and I was part of the steering committee of the conference, that was ably led by NSF Chairman Prof. Ranjith Senarathne.

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