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Invited policy briefing  entitled "Research needs for disaster resilience & development" was held at  RMIT University City Campus, Emily MacPherson. This event was chaired by Professor Bruce Wilson, Director, European Union Centre at RMIT and the Facilitator was Professor John Fien, Innovation Professor in Sustainability, RMIT 
The scale of disaster fatalities and economic losses across the Asia-Pacific region are sobering to Australians for whom the experience of frequent drought, bushfire, cyclones and floods seem to almost define aspects of our national character. Yet, we measure the cost of the many disasters we experience in single digit percentages of GDP and even lower percentage reductions in social and economic development – while across the region, disasters are major constraints on development and can undermine decades of development planning and infrastructure.
The purpose of this Policy Briefing is to consider ways in which Australian and European expertise in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and disaster management can be shared with communities and countries in our region. In particular,  research needs for DRR and disaster management in the region was explored. Please see here for the briefing paper of this policy briefing. Dilanthi was a lead speaker at this policy briefing and did a presentation titled : "Policy Options and Research Needs for Disasters and its reduction: Creating Disaster Resilient Cities"  

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