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Papers include:
  • Urbanization and hydro-meteorological disaster resilience: the case of Delhi - Sunil Kumar Prashar, Rajib Shaw
  • Vulnerability of rural houses to cyclonic wind - Pradeep K. Goyal, T.K. Datta, V.K. Vijay
  • Aiming for resilience and adaptation in managing environment: An emerging environmental and emergency leadership in the twenty-first century - Tun Lin Moe
  • Vulnerability assessment and retrofitting of existing school buildings: a case study of Aceh - ari Darshan Shrestha, Ryuichi Yatabe, Netra Prakash Bhandary, Jishnu Subedi
  • Subterranean infrastructure reconnaissance for manmade and natural hazards and disasters - Todd White, Samuel T. Ariaratnam, John Michael
News articles:
  • Launch of Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation
  • Sri Lanka welcomes 110 local and international delegates for a major international conference on building resilience to disasters
Book Reviews:
  • Laws of Fear: Beyond the Precautionary Principle - Korstanje Maximiliano
  • Designing Resilience: Preparing for Extreme Events - David A. McEntire
Please visit to read about paper submission guidelines. In keeping with the journal's international scope, articles are particularly welcome with details of: overall leadership in research, education, planning, design and implementation for infrastructure renewal and reconstruction projects in developing countries; and, details of innovative and socially responsible projects inspired via internal synergies that lead to rapid development and improved quality of life.

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